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20 octubre 2013

Dive Training Megazine


I didn’t forget this, I just have been traveling since I saw you last. So here goes:

“Having written a article about Media Luna a couple of years ago, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it had to offer. How wrong I was. When I arrived and found a brand new dive center next to a brand new dedicated diver resort, I was amazed.

The lagoon itself was even more of a surprise! Hanging over a incoming flow of crystal clear spring water at 107 feet or going through a 280 foot long cavern or diving through a fossilized forest from hundreds of years ago, it was awesome. Every dive just got better and better.

You can do so many different certifications at Media Luna from open water to cavern to altitude diving. No matter if you want to dive and relax or dive, dive, Media Luna will keep you smiling!”

Jerry Beaty
Associate Publisher

Dive Training Magazine
Dive Center Business

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Camila dijo...

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